For anyone that is serious about the quality of their hair, it’s vital that you take the right kind of solutions to combat the problems. From thinning hair to a lack of hair growth, problems from stress to genetics can play a major role in this problem. However, one natural solution above all others stands out as a very powerful and natural hair loss tonic; guava leaves!guava benefits

If you are sick of spending sums of money with hair experts, salons and hair treatments to try and end your hair loss/hair growth woes, then this simple and natural tonic might be all that you need to start really making a positive difference to your hair.

Guava LeaveKnown to be able to stop hair loss and promote growth thanks to the stupendous levels of vitamin B found within guava, this is a must-have natural hair loss remedy for anyone. What, though, does guava do for the body generally?


  • It can help to reduce cholesterol levels, removing LDL cholesterol from the body over a period of time.
  • A very powerful, natural cough remedy.
  • Loaded with not only Vitamin B for our hair, but vitamin C for helping to manage our skin – a great anti-acne solution.
  • A strong appetite suppressant, making it a good choice to take if you want to improve feelings of fullness and eat less.
  • A strong anti-infection solution, as well.
  • Fine for helping to reduce food poisoning and stomach pains generally.


Making Your Hair Grow with Guava

If you are sick of seeing your hair fall out, then, try and make up the following natural remedy to see instant and massive differences to how your hair looks, sits and grows:

  • Start off by picking up a handful of guava leaves from a local market, health store or online if you must.
  • Then, take them and put them in around 1l of water – guava hair lossleave it to boil for around 20 minutes. This will allow the water to soak up all of those nice benefits and to help make sure your hair can be treated.
  • Now, allow the water to cool down until its room temperature.
  • Get a strainer and start to strain the leaves. Take the ‘water’ that has been left over and put this into a little bottle for easy use whenever you are going to be washing your hair.
  • Take a palm-full of the tonic, and then rub this into your scalp by massaging as gently as you can. Leave it on there for 1-3 hours, depending on thickness and length.
  • Thanks to the extra Vitamin B entering your system by doing this, your hair follicles should start to stand to attention and start to grow slowly.
  • Do this 2-3 times per week and you should begin to notice steady but clear improvements in how your hair sits and looks.

Now, in accordance with all the other benefits we lifted at the top, you should feel pretty confident in adding guava leaves to you shopping list!



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