For anyone who is suffering from hair loss, or is finding that their hair growth has plateaued, this can be very frustrating. Hitting a brick wall with hair growth or watching all of that

progress fall out over time can be a deeply distressing, annoying process. However, fear not: you might just have the perfect solution to your hair loss or lack of hair growth sitting in your home.

This same remedy is one of the best solutions on the market for dealing with dandruff, too, so you can solve a trifecta of follicle-based fears without too much issue.

That treatment, of course, is Castor oil! Castor oil is one that not many people know about, but those who have tried it swear by its high growth and anti-dandruff properties. Loaded with essential oils and when mixed with a few choice mixtures, this can do so much for improving the quality and depth of your hair.

One of the main reasons why this works is because Prostaglandin E2 (PGD2), a particular hormone, is linked with hair loss in some cases. Castor oil is known to block PGD2 production and releasing, so there is some kind of scientific basis behind this air loss ingredient. Thanks to its whopping volumes of ricinoleic acids an also its fine collection of omega fatty acids of various forms, and this is great for natural hair growth, defeating dandruff and stopping your hair from falling out or receding.

Why Castor Oil Helps Your Hair

  • As mentioned above, it is loaded with ricinoleic acids as well as fatty acids which are known to be of natural benefit to the body. Add in the fact that it improves blood circulation around the scalp, and hair growing faster makes plenty of sense.
  • It works to help strengthen the roots and give the scalp the help it needs to make it fertile ground for follicle growth.
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory solution too, as well as great anti-fungal strengths, this can lift a lot of the gloom that is inhibiting your hair growth possibilities.
  • It helps to unclog pores and make sure you are left with a much healthier quality of hair.
  • Anti-bacterial nature of the castor oil ensures that it can get deep into the scalp to cleanse infection.
  • Loaded with extras like vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, as mentioned above.

When mixed with ginger juice, then, Castor oil can help to make your hair much stronger, healthier and more reliable than ever before it makes your hair much easier to manage and deal with, too.

To apply this fine mixture, you simply need to:

  • Take some Castor oil, and mix 1-2 tablespoons into some fresh ginger juice. Mix this together and put it onto your scalp as well as the worst areas affected.
  • Leave this for around 30 minutes, and wash it off using an organic herbal shampoo.
  • If you do this for 2-3 days every week, you should start to slowly but surely see massive improvement in your hair growth.

Thanks to the ginger juice helping to amplify circulation and to help clear out clogged pores on the scalp, this makes sure you have a

nourished, cleansed and clear scalp. This can allow for those major nutrients in the Castor oil to get into your scalp and improve hair growth, creating the perfect choice for stress-free hair growth!


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